Monday, 22 January 2007


If you are asking why I am spinning out works at an outrageous speed, it is because I have just come out of a 1 1/2 years art block, where I hardly did any art at all. I am having a burst of inspiration and want to paint everything before the feeling goes away. I now spend most of my free time painting, even eating and sleeping at odd hours because of that.

First of all, this is not Louis and Claudia from Interview with the Vampire, so none of that, please ;)

I've had this idea(not exactly this, but along the same motif) in my mind for many years now, but until now never quite had the confidence to pull this off. The original idea was much more grandiose and on a much larger scale. The reason I scaled this down and incorporated less detail is because I want the focus to be on the two central figures and, and the smaller scale creates a sense of intimacy.

The superficial storyline is about a little rich girl who is in love with her piano teacher. But what I really want to portray is the unfulfilled desire of two people who can never see each other as equals/peers(in this case, because of age and social status). I am also, in a way, challenging the notion of how children are seen as unable/not supposed to have 'adult' emotions. I wish I could have articulated this better, but here's the closeup


and yes, the painting behind the piano is there for a reason.

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EDIT: changed a few things as Oz said

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