Monday, 12 March 2007

Six-fingered Albino Cyclops

A speedy I did for CGTalk Daily Sketch forum, the topic is 'Weird Tales'.

If you have known me from my old account, you may have remembered I posted a journal few years back that I dreamt that I was a six-fingered albino cyclops. I think what triggered that dream was that at that time I was living in London and was in THe London Underground one day and saw this guy, and he looked ...well, inhuman. His face looked like it's melted and he has no nose and no hair and no fingers. I think he's suffered a serious burn/scald injury or something, but anyway the immediate moment I saw him he totally freaked me out, so I hurried away to stand on the other side of the station. Poor guy was begging people for spare change, and everyone was ignoring him until someone gave him money, he, with stumps for hands, was struggling to hold the note between those stumps, and dropped them a few times before managing to gather it up and put it in his cap, and he went off. I've never seen him again.

The reason I want to paint this is well...I want to express the alienation of someone who is considered a freak. Plus, I am absolutely terrified of albino people...yeah, it's so irrational, but for some reason they scare the shit out of me. The girl in the picture is supposed to b e me, but I suppose she doesn't really look like me anymore....yeah, so I would be so freaked out if I woke up one day albino cylopped and six-fingered. I'm hiding under a burgundy cloak and in a dank corner of the Underground station because I've beeen alienated and chased and stones thrown at me(I have six fingers so people think I'm a Devil-spawn or something)....freaky lonely Kayness sniffle.

the drawing at 45 minutes [link]

UPDATE: IF you actually think I have six fingers - No, I don't...I have five fingers on each hand. I meant 'me' in the picture that has six fingers

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