Tuesday, 10 April 2007

My Dearest

uhm.....i spent around 4 days straight painting this..or more? who knows. That's all i've been doing for the past I dunno how many days, haha, I have no life :p.

uhh...well, basically I (1) want to paint something Asian (2) am trying to not be afraid of colours :p. THis is perhaps the most saturated pic i've made. ehh. I almost cried at the embroideries!!! It's so frustrating!

I don't know how many of you are going to say "ooh this is like Louis with an Asian Claudia" etc. etc., well the truth is that I really really like the young girl + grown man motif that is most commonly represented/known by the Claudia+Louis relationship. heh

closeup [link]

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