Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Vampness photomanip paintover tutorial

basically it's more like a demonstration of how a photo can be painted over and manipulated to make it look like a ' painting'. Nothing much here just fooling around :p. Took only a few hours. All the steps are explained in the subtitles in the video. Done with Photoshop CS3

original image


text, for those who cannot read fast enough:
- smudged the skin using round brushes at 20% strength and hair with spackled brush at around 69% strength
-filled the background with a neutral grey colour
-made a new layer, set the layer blending mode to Soft Light and brushed some light blue over the skin and some reddish brown along the hairline and the hair at the back
-painted over the face and neck, removed dark circles and blemishes, and generally smoothed out the skin
-used the Liquify tool to nudge and slim down the face shape, jawline, raise cheekbones, enlarge the eyes and raised the eyebrows.Dodged in and painted over the irises.
-painted over the face and hair. Changed the head shape and used even more of the Liquify tool to slim down the torso area.
- made another layer, fill it with a neutral grey colour and set that layer to Overlay. Used layer mask to erase out the area on the skin and hair
- made another layer and set that layer's blending mode to Colour. Used a medium soft round brush in blue to tone down the orange. Set the layer opacity to about 60%
- made another layer and this time the blending mode is set to Normal. Painted over the shoulder and arms to smooth them out.
- painted in eyelashes, highlighted the nose, lips and face using round brushes set to Normal and Colour Dodge modes
- fill in the background, Done.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


this is pretty much like a cross between something I want to do for a header to decorate the layouts of my other sites(like Shadowness, MySpace...etc....and probably cgsociety when i get a subscription to them) and a speedpainting/practice with lighting/skintones (although it is not as speedy as I'd like it to be :/)

yeah, and it's supposed to be a guy...what can I say, I like androgynous guys :P

WIPs(sorry I didn't compile them into one document):

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Kayness pixel IDness

okay, so there's a trend going around dA with all these video game kinda avatars and such :P so here I am with my piece. ha, who said I'm immune to trends? :o

this is the first time I ever tried pixel art. I have a feeling I'm never meant to be a pixel artist o_O. Oh, and it serves to confirm my feeling as to why I hate(and suck at) doing self portraits. I painted myself and the reference is my reflection in my makeup compact.....it was only the end that I realised how fucktardtastic I look, and to start again is such a bleep, so I ran it through glow filter to make it a little bit less painful to look at o_O

I arm myself with claws as a reference to my favourite character class in Diablo II:LoD, the Assassin. and because I never managed to defeat the Harrogath Ancients in Nightmare mode, I never got those super 1337 Scissors Suwayyahs :(


for more information on the pixel ID [link]

Friday, 10 August 2007


Originally painted the traditional maiko makeup on the character's face, though I later decided against it but still want to keep the title anyway...it is yet another attempt to immerse 2D & 3D elements together with lots of Far Eastern, more specifically, Japanese influence

initially started out in PS7 but later worked on it with PS CS3

Thursday, 2 August 2007