Thursday, 16 August 2007

Kayness pixel IDness

okay, so there's a trend going around dA with all these video game kinda avatars and such :P so here I am with my piece. ha, who said I'm immune to trends? :o

this is the first time I ever tried pixel art. I have a feeling I'm never meant to be a pixel artist o_O. Oh, and it serves to confirm my feeling as to why I hate(and suck at) doing self portraits. I painted myself and the reference is my reflection in my makeup was only the end that I realised how fucktardtastic I look, and to start again is such a bleep, so I ran it through glow filter to make it a little bit less painful to look at o_O

I arm myself with claws as a reference to my favourite character class in Diablo II:LoD, the Assassin. and because I never managed to defeat the Harrogath Ancients in Nightmare mode, I never got those super 1337 Scissors Suwayyahs :(


for more information on the pixel ID [link]

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