Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Hey guys, sorry I haven't update in a while. Been really insanely busy with uni work and part-time job and stuff :( i haven't really been painting anything much in the past few months.

This is somewhat inspired by =PaleMajesty's skin practice piece. If any of you have known me from my old account you would know that I used to really love painting dark, very desaturated paintings. Then I moved on to painting mostly with really rich, deep, intense colours and found myself addicted to it :o, and now i'm scared of painting desaturated stuff again because I don't want my paintings to look 'dull' and washed out. So this is pretty much an exercise in trying to paint something fairly desaturated but at the same time tried not to be too grey

3 hours in PS CS3 (i originally intended it to be an hour's speedpainting D:)
I usually don't save steps for paintings this quick but i got two :p [link]
reference from [link]

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