Friday, 11 January 2008

Ancient Queen

I started painting this perhaps a month - or almost two - back. Prior to that I haven't been doing anything for a while - I was just so insanely busy. This is meant to be a 'warm-up', you know, when you haven't done something in a while you tend to get I wanted to do something relatively 'easy'.

This is very South-East Asian influenced, and also I wanted to do something fusion-y, and also some kind of ancient-queen lady thingie with lots of goldness

I hope I will do something more exciting in terms of concept and composition in my future works, but here it is for now :o

Some parts of the background have texture overlays from stock texture photos (esp on the top centre, top left and left side).

face midway WIP [link]

face closeup at 60% [link]

print will prolly be submitted later

edit: just removed the borders - the reason i put the borderes in the first place is that it'll match the 1.50:1.00 ratio required for print.

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