Tuesday, 15 January 2008

My Dearest MMVIII

The text in italics is the description of the picture that I posted on other sites, and please bear in mind that I did this last year but never got round to posting it on dA, so when I said 'happy new year', I mean happy new year 2008. And when I come to think of it, this is also a big experiment in textures and textured brushes and many layers with lots of blending modes!

FIrst of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

whee my first piece of the year
okay it's originally done as er, my dA journal header thingie....but i seem to have gotten carried away. It's a quickie that turned out to not be that quick.
yep the person on the right is a guy, and yep they're meant to be the same people from My Dearest picture, except that I changed the guy's eye colour from autumny green to steely blue. Plus I added eyeliners, because I felt like it and I like boys in eyeliner. ha ha!
is super vaintastic, but I used myself as reference for the girl. But then again, I also used my own photo as the reference for the girl in My Dearest ..may as well keep it consistent!
The guy is based on Ville Valo (just as in My Dearest), plus Jon Kortajarena. He's also a bit like Louis from Interview with a Vampire crossed with the kind of guys I see in goth and industrial clubs/clubnights around here, and also maybe a pinch of Marilyn Manson.
PS CS3 and a day

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