Thursday, 29 January 2009

In My Eyes I Only See You

The title is deliberately weird-sounding, it's a line from the song 'Sway', originally by Dean Martin - "Dear, but my eyes will see only you", but I like the sound of this title better

This picture concerns a disfigured, possibly special needs baby bunny called Mix. He is in love with Six Fingered Albino Cyclops but his love is unrequited due to him being a rabbit and a baby

Edit - story:

About Mix - he and his sister came to me one day. At first I only saw his big sister, 'C', as he was hidden behind her. C was fiercely protective of her brother - she wouldn't let me go near them until she managed to convince her that I meant no harm. When she got to know me a bit better, she explained that the reason she is that way because she feels guilty and feels she is responsible for her brother's condition. Mix still isn't out of his diapers yet, but according to C, when he was younger he was assaulted by a gang of teenage thugs who think it's funny to take a knife and carve out a baby bunny's face. C therefore felt like it's her fault she couldn't protect her brother from those thugs. Even though Mix is still a baby, he is old enough to realise that because of his horrific scars, people tend to recoil at the sight of him. Once a happy child, he is now quiet and withdrawn, and still has yet to speak his first word.

Mix is in love with Six Fingered Albino Cyclops. In his eyes she's the most beautiful girl in the world, but he dares only to watch her from afar because he's afraid that like others, she will shun him because of his disfigurement. Being much younger than her and a rabbit doesn't help his chance any. Well, I hope she will one day notice him and they'll be happy!

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