Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Black Jewels: Two Couples

I'm really liking the Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop right now, and am feeling compelled to paint them.

If you're wondering why the whole composition is so haphazard, it's because I painted this over a pencil drawing doodle I did.

Here's the pencil drawing [link]

top couple: the 'golden couple' of the whole series - Jaenelle and Daemon

bottom couple: MY FAVOURITE! Gray and Cassidy. There's nearly not enough Gray and Cassidy fanart out there D:. I love them! Love the fact that both of them are not perfect and have deep emotional scars that they both must overcome in order to be with each other.

okayyy enough art for now, i go back to painting *is trying to slowly crawl my out into the world again*

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Martina said...

Gorgeous work! I think you've captured all the characters perfectly.