Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sun Troll

I totally got my inspiration from ...well, D&D.  At least in the name anyway.  You know like how they have sun elves and such in D&D? This is a sun troll! Though I know it's like, a paradox of sorts because trolls are supposed to burst in the sun and stuff. but whatevs :D

Colleen coloured pencils on A5 sketchbook, 160 gsm paper


merrytait said...

WOW! I can imagine a whole children's story, (or adult story), about the troll who loved the sun and the problems that caused him in troll society-you could do a whole book--how fun!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mary! Yes that would be a great idea for children's book indeed! In fact I have a similar story about a wimpy troll in my head, and you give me an incentive to actually do something about it (I always have a lot of stories in my head but never got round to writing them down...or rather, storyboarding because i'm more of an artist than writer)...so I can eventually get to writing the story about the sun troll.