Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More cute smiley animals!

More vector illustrations! Another commission from the same client who commissioned me to do the smiley beaver.  I'm getting the hang of this program...in fact I think I'm even starting to REALLY enjoy it and may probably make more vector artwork for my own enjoyment in the future! I never thought I was going to say this in a million years! lol.


Stephen Munn - Castlemaniablog.com said...

I still find it so entertaining that you were so against vectors and Illustrator, and so averse to trying it, and in a matter of minutes you were producing better art than anything I've done in the sixteen years since I started using it.

Great work, honey!

Unknown said...

Thank you honey! :) It's thanks to your encouragement and...well, you're my biggest cheerleader :)

selphia said...

Nice work, vectors are very useful.

Vectors are a must in my workflow.
I usually copy paste them as smart objects to photoshop so it gives me a solid base to work on and I can change the shape in illustrator so the edges are nice.

Unknown said...

Linda - Thanks!
How do your vectors look like when you paste in PS? Are they just...shapes? Why not use the path/pen tool in PS?