Sunday, 15 July 2012

WIP updates + big troll and little goblin

I try not to fill this blog with work in progress shots and too many superfluous little drawings and sketches - I have my TUMBLR for that, but I realize that I haven't really updated this blog in a few days.  I have been doing work stuff and...yeah, while I have more personal illustrations on the way they do take a backseat to my work stuff, and often gesture drawings and stuff.  I guess I'm updating right now because I don't want the updates to appear to sporadic.

Wheekayness v.2.  Version 1 can be seen here .  Why do I paint myself as a little kid? Because in my mind, I'll FOREVER be a little kid! :D ....not in the bad way, though.

A VERY spontaneously drawn monster under the bed.

I'll end with a little coloured pencil drawing of a big troll and a cheeky little goblin!


Stephen Munn - said...

I love your trolls and goblins. There's such a contrast in the appearance, yet they share a common warmth.

kayness said...

thanks honey!