Sunday, 16 September 2012

Arts Fiesta @Pioneer

I was sooo forgetful yesterday. My sister and I volunteered to be portrait artists at a local art festival and we received instructions to arrive there "at the latest by 5.30 pm". Around 5-10 minutes after we left home I realized that I forgot my set of watercolours, which is a real bummer because I typically work using ink and watercolours for my portrait day work, so how on earth am I going to paint now!? We were still near enough for me to dash back home to get the watercolours, but I decided against it because I really did not want to be late, and good thing my sister brought my tin of Faber Castell Polychromos colour pencils and some of my markers and coloured pens so I thought that perhaps I could work with those.  I was still anxious however, because I am not used to working with coloured pencils and was afraid that it might not turn out to be as good as my watercolour works.

It happened that it turned out fantastically in the end. I attracted quite a lot of attention and a lot of people were watching me work.  One lady even filmed me working on her phone (she was standing a little too close though o_O).  Here are some of the pictures I drew.  Others were sold and the volunteers who were running the event took them away so fast that I didn't have the time to take pictures of them.

I guess it was a perfect opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and try a 'new' medium! the end of the night, when I got back home I realized I left the tin of coloured pencils there. UGHHHHHHHHhh *facepalms*

so much fail. I hate days like these.

The surface I used is Strathmore Bristol vellum board.

 when I came back, I did this experiment of using coloured pencils on cold pressed watercolour paper.  If you have read any colour pencils instructions book, they probably advise that should you choose to use watercolour paper for your work, it should be hot pressed because any paper with rougher grain will consume too much pencil unnecessarily.  While I agree I guess I had to try it out for myself. soooo yes, I can confirm that.


Stephen Munn - said...

Hey, why did that go anonymous? It's meeeeeeee. :D

George Patsouras said...

Great work, always impressed with your different styles and mediums, always inspiring.