Wednesday, 5 September 2012

iPad art - the beginning of a hopefully long journey

Sorry for the short disappearance.  I've been busy.

I've been making art on my iPad.  At first it felt rather clumsy and I felt so apprehensive with it, because using a stylus is nothing like using a wacom pen.  Also, there is no pressure sensitivity (I know that styluses with rudimentary pressure sensitivity exists but they're sooo expensive..), which throws a massive curveball to the already formidable learning curve.  So, making art on iPad isn't a continuation of making digital art on the computer but it feels like using a whole new different medium.

The reward for the perseverance is worth it, though, in my opinion.  I can see visible improvement with each drawing I crank out.

In chronological order:

Khalil Gibran  (using ArtRage app)

Orange Jellyfish Sky (using Sketchbook Pro)

Reading (using Procreate)

my favourite so far as you can see is Procreate.  It's very fast and the interface is very simple and intuitive.  I also like the way their blending mode works.

That's not including the scribblings and really early sketches which I think are too crappy to show :P.  I'll definitely finish the last two in Photoshop when I have time.

I'm getting the hang of it though and I'm definitely growing to love it.  I can create digital sketches when I'm not on my computer and there's a lot less gap between these pictures and what I want for the final images than if I work from a scan...and not to mention the fuss of having to scan the pic at all!

I'd also like to say that no matter how advanced or intuitive the apps are or how convenient it is to make digital art & sketches on the go with iPad, it will definitely never replace the physical sketchbook and whatever medium you choose to use with it :).

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