Sunday, 9 September 2012

Traditional Art: USK & other sketches while I was out and about

You know, I should be more diligent at updating this page, but I am not.  I think at first I want this blog to be a repository for my more refined sketches and finished works and my tumblr to be of...well, just any old thing I draw, but at some point the line got blurred.  I've been drawing traditionally on a pretty regular and consistent basis since I set out to do so earlier this year (yay! One thing I manage to still be consistent about!), but the problem is scanning, resizing, editing and posting them! Yeech! Anyway, I'm a regular attendee of Urban Sketchers Singapore, so that gives me plenty of opportunity to do that, and of course to get to know and learn from other artists!

My first ever USK drawings.  June 2012 at Toa Payoh


some tree roots drawn when I was out cycling one day in Jul 2012

from an unofficial USK event. Aug 2012 at Garden by the Bay

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