Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Blue Boy

Last month, I was browsing through my old laptop's hard drive and I found this one psd file.  It's an unfinished painting from November of last year and I apparently totally forgot about it.  I can't recall why I left it unfinished, but most likely it's because I had no time for it due to work commitments and then eventually it slipped from my mind.  I don't think when I started this picture I had any grand goal, meaning nor story for it.  I just wanted to play with certain colour combinations, which in this case are bright aqua and blue as ambience colours and how they affect skin tones.

I used OpenCanvas to paint hair.  I think OC works MUCH better than Photoshop in painting hair.  I switched back and forth from OC to PS - OC for painting and PS for colour adjustment.

p.s. I just realized how I contradicted my last post....hahahahaha!

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