Thursday, 3 January 2013

Before Mammals Rule The Earth

You know, as soon as I say, "I don't have time for my own art!" I suddenly seem to find time to churn out these images!  What is the saying for this, "don't tempt fate"??? I'm sure it's something like that.  Perhaps I should say it more :P.

There are a few layers to the story behind this picture.  (story after the cut)

First of all, this is a conflation of all the dreams that I had of being chased over the past few years.  It was a very frequent theme for me at one point.  I would assume different forms and it would be in different settings but I would always recognize the chased figure as myself in the dream.  I think the meaning is pretty straightforward and as soon as I decided to accept the unpleasant feeling and discomfort that will inevitably come with confronting whatever problem that I felt at that time and did it, these dreams went away.

I'm happy to report that I don't dream about being chased very much, if at all, anymore.

One subject that I'm extremely enamoured of as of late is evolution.  I would listen to the documentaries on the subject that I could find on YouTube and elsewhere when I'm working.  So this is a hat tip to that I guess.  That's my attempt of depicting a basal mammal, which I heard are shrew-like creatures.  Though this little dude looked more like a mouse. 

I made this using Sketchbook Pro for iPad.  I feel so happy to see that my skill in creating art in iPad has considerably improved in only a few short months.  Compare this to 'Orange Jellyfish Sky', my first piece ever done in SBP for iPad.

Perseverance does pay off!

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