Friday, 4 January 2013

For those who are thinking of getting a tablet for the purpose of creating digital art on the go

I recommend an iPad.

I'm not doing it just to give Apple publicity or whatever, but I wouldn't say this if  I didn't think I have good reason to.

iOS esp iPad has the widest range of digital painting and graphics-related apps compared to Android.  Also, all the three lines of pressure-sensitive styli have the most compatible apps in iOS.  This is not necessary, though, but can be very useful.

I also think that iOS devices have the lowest amount of latency.

Another good option you might want to look into are those Windows laptop-tablet hybrids, but I don't know much about those and plus, you may need to carry around a pen tablet for input with you, so it adds to the bulk.

Let me know what you think.

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Stephen Munn - said...

I totally agree. The dominance of Apple's App Store alone makes this an obvious choice. While some of the apps are on both platforms, not all of them are, and in exploring this we found at least one of them that's on both is actually missing significant functionality on the Android version.