Thursday, 30 May 2013

Depressed Camping Hippo

Look, I made a comic page about depression!

This is the first page I've ever done that is completed entirely in Manga Studio EX 4.0 (some of you might know it as Comic Studio).  I was kind of also experimenting with the colouring tools here.  It's fine but I think in the future I'll stick with Photoshop when it comes to colouring because of the availability of blending modes.

Edit: Explanation:
* the conversation went something like this if it was entirely in English (I plugged the hippo's dialogue bits into Google Translate so obv the Latin is atrocious):
Panel 1
me: How long as the campfire been out?
hippo: I don't remember
me: Aren't you going to reignite it? 
hippo: What's the point? It's going to go out again anyway

Panel 2
me: Why do you have a black dog standing on your back?
hippo: Can't get rid of it

Panel 3
me: Oh no! You're shrinking right before my eyes!
hippo: The longer I am depressed, the smaller I become

* can't remember = memory loss is a symptom of long-term depression
* black dog = a metaphorical figure for depression.  One of the users of this metaphor was Winston Churchill.
* shrinking hippo = reduction in hippocampus volume is an effect of long-term depression.  Hippocampus is the component of the brain that plays an important role in short-term and long-term memory.
* camping hippo = a word play on the hippocampus
* speaking in latin = just because hippocampus sounds Latin-y

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ZniSthesia said...

I just want to say that, as a med student, I appreciate this comic (: