Monday, 29 July 2013

Caricatures for some grassroot leaders.

actually I did three more but I forgot to take those photos. Ah well.
I think I'm getting better at this because ...yeah. because practice.

Friday, 26 July 2013

The Onigiris' Visit

The Onigiris are, in my world, a race of ...onigiri-shaped people.  They're characterized by their outward emotional expressiveness, which manifests in the gestures of their arms and hands, their colour and facial expression.  Their default emotion is happiness and the body colour that reflects this is orange, thus they are also commonly known as Happy Orange Onigiris. They do not talk.  They're currently negotiating an interplanetary chocolate trade agreement with the Androgynes, another race of people whom I've yet to draw/talk/write about :D.

I drew them quite a few times before and am happy that I can do them a little more justice here.

I will write more on this painting later, and will update the post with links and all.

Monday, 8 July 2013

my caricature gear

I know I posted some of these before, but this is what I bring with me on my caricature gigs and use in the studio.  I don't usually bring all of these to every caricature gig I go to, but I do if I am expected to do colour caricatures:

Copic markers.  A fair bit of the grey markers here are from years ago (~2004), the rest are from last year and this year.  Mostly greyscale and skintone markers.  The paper that is stuffed in the case is the swatch list.

Normal pens, fineliner pens (every size from 0.05 mm - 0.8 mm), ink brush pen, permanent marker, blue colour pencils for drawing, waterbrushes, eraser, ruler, sharpener...usual stuff i guess.

Some Copic ink refills, Copic Sketch and Copic Ciao markers (I bought them because I wanted to know what the difference is between them and the original square Copic markers, turns out it's just size and brush nib), Letraset markers, Shinhan markers (btw, if you live in Singapore and have some empty Copic markers, you can trade them in at Overjoyed to get discount on Shinhan markers.  That's what I did.), white permanent marker.  Also you see part of my bunny at in the background.  I bought it only because I drew my cartoon self with one in this pic. lol.

Individually-bought colour pencils and blenders. 

My trusty Colleen colour pencils. Whee! These are for when I need colours that I don't have in Copic, because Copic markers are expensive, you know :/...